The goal of the Mirembe program is to take marginalized women with little to no skills and/or job opportunities to a status where they are literate and have the skills to run a sustainable business or find sustainable employment. After 3 years of learning Business Skills, English, Life Skills and creating jewelry, the women graduate the program and receive a diploma. This makes room for new groups of women to participate in the program. The graduates are encouraged to return as mentors.

The women will gain financial and social independence after graduating from this program.


  •       Marginalized women in Uganda will have a stable income from an independent business or will be employed in a fair and honorable manner.
  •         Women and families will manage new income effectively and will be free from hunger and poverty.
  •         Their children will go to school, receive adequate education and will receive a balanced nutrition and sufficient health care.
  •         All in all the participating families will enjoy an increase in their standard of living & quality of life.
  •         Many of the women will become leaders of change in their communities.
  •         Women will become mentors for new women joining the Mirembe program.