Topaz – Leading Social Innovations
 is a nonprofit social incubator comprised of a network of devoted Israeli social entrepreneurs, activists and social leaders. 

Throughout the years, a wide variety of innovative ventures and organizations have developed in the fields of education, leadership, volunteerism, social justice, empowerment of women and marginalized populations, humanitarian aid, refugee assistance and others. Through our work, we contribute not only to the Israeli society but also to global well-being by advancing Tikkun Olam notions and values.

Mission: To advance social change and the development of innovative intervention models, knowledge management and human capacity building. Through social ventures, we bring about greater social change, promoting pluralism and advancing a fair and democratic society. Through social innovations, we turn social challenges into opportunities, which reinforce social resilience and unravel social problems.


Project Ten - The Jewish Agency 

The Jewish Agency’s "Project Ten" is an international development program that operates volunteer centers in developing areas. We bring together young Jewish adults from all over the world, to a program that combines volunteer work with local communities, alongside service-learning in the fields of international development, culture, identity and Jewish activism. This program embodies the essence of Tikkun Olam while teaching Jewish leadership on the ground. 

Vision: To empower Jewish young adults to create sustainable change for vulnerable communities around the world. 

Mission: Creating sustainable projects in developing communities, while offering a meaningful platform for young Jewish adults from Israel and around the world, to encounter each other explore and encompass what it means to be a "Jewish Activist."




Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design - NIAAD

NIAAD is a tertiary Institution of Art and Design located Namulanda, 12 miles off Kampala, Uganda. The Institution is committed to providing qualitative and flexible Art and Design programs in respect to national development goals. NIAAD offers an exciting learning environment led by dedicated and qualified teaching staff with both National and International art practice and teaching experience that help students understand and master creative techniques. Our teaching staff is supported by international visiting artists and designers from Israel, America and Europe.

Mission: Unleashing universal human creativity as the motor for economic and social transformation by restoring true Art values, discipline, inspiration and creativity.

Vision: To provide the youth, artists, students and the marginalized women with a true professional art education that will address the escalating unemployment levels and encourage creativity, innovation, professionalization and entrepreneurship in the cultural sector.




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