Mirembe was born with a simple idea in mind - to create opportunity for women in Uganda. 
March - June 2017
We volunteered in Uganda teaching groups of women English and  Mathematics. Most of the women being single mothers, lacking education and sufficient sources of income, some even war refugees. We realized that many women in Uganda have great skills in creating jewelry, baskets and bags using traditional techniques. Then it hit us - we could find a market for these products, creating a source of income for women in Uganda. It began with a succesful crowdfunding campaign and we got to work.
Fast forward to TODAY
We partner with Topaz - Leading Innovations in Israel and collaborate with NIAAD - ‘Nagenda Institute of Art and Design’ in Namulanda, Uganda. There the flagship group of women create products, earning a stable income, alongside studying Entrepreneurship, Life Skills and English. Each woman is encouraged and mentored to start her own business. We are lucky to have 2 dedicated local coordinators, Mary and Olivia.
In addition, we work with 4 other women’s groups. We co - design products and buy on a bi - monthly basis.
Today - 2020, we work with 100 women across Uganda.
How can you take part?
  1. Buy jewelry on our website 
  2. Host a Mirembe Event - Invite your freinds & we’ll come with an array of baskets, jewelry and bags! Message us for further details.
  3. Donate. Message us for further details.
  4. Talk to us! We would love to hear from you.
Thank you for taking part in our journey!
With love,
Tamar Alkobi, Inbar Erez and Shirli Ortas Shpigel