Meet the Founders

Tamar Alkobi
Tamar is an adventurer, dreamer and enjoys crafts and design. Her inspirations include people, nature, and the runway. "For me, empowering women means creating access to decent work and opportunities. Secondly, the notion that each women has a voice and should use it!"
Inbar Erez
Inbar is a creator, a social activist and a people lover. She enjoys world cultures, nature and science, and art. "In my perspective, women empowerment is to create a better world where being a women is not a barrier. A world where both women and men are equal, capable, good enough and strong enough.
Shirley Ortas-Shpiegel
Shirley is a nature enthusiast, a ‘numbers person’ and a hugger! She enjoys dance, travelling, and party planning. "In my eyes, women empowerment is to know, appreciate and celebrate the strength of women. Emphasizing the importance of it and that it is unconditional."