Betty's Story

Each and every Mirembe necklace tells the story of a woman who is bringing hope and positive change to her life.

Meet Betty Orama -

Age: 44

Status: I am a widow and a mother to six beautiful children; Lenyaro (23), Kevin (20), Daniel (17), Petra (13), Patricia (11), Moses (9.) My husband was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2009.

Where are you from originally?

I grew up in Gulu (northern Uganda.) In 1999 we left because of the war. My mother made sure that we would move to a safer place. After a year in the new place we left again to another area because my parents couldn’t afford to send us to school.

Education: I was in school until the age of 15. After that my parents couldn’t afford the school fees and I never returned to my studies.

A short time after that I married my husband, Thomas.

What do you enjoy the most during the Women Empowerment meetings?

The group helps me a lot. When I first joined, I felt broken. Slowly but surely the women helped me to re-build myself. The women have shown me how to communicate better with people. I have more meaning in my life now, and an income.

Every since Mirembe started, I have more money to buy food for my children.

What is your goal for this year?

To work hard, to make enough money to travel back to Gulu and to build a house there for my family.

What is a the meaning of being a woman?

To do good deeds and to share with my friends. To support one another and to make sure no one gets left behind. To be at home with my children and to act in the ways of God.